Four Insider Tips from an Auto Body Shop

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Cars are complex machines that come with an overwhelming amount of information on maintenance and repairs. It can be hard to know where to start or what type of regular maintenance should be performed to keep your car in good shape.

Four Insider Tips from an Auto Body Shop

Here are four insider tips straight from an auto body shop to help you best take care of your car:

  1. Wax your car four times a year. Waxing your car helps to protect it from harmful UV rays during the summer months and the harsher elements during the winter. Time your wax jobs to the end of spring and end of fall to have a fresh coat ready for the new season. Park in your garage? You should only need to wax your car twice a year. To check if it’s time to wax, pour a small amount of water on your car. If it beads, you do not need to wax.
  2. Keep your car tidy. Many people take pride in the exterior of their car, and it’s just as important to care for the interior. Clutter inside vehicles also makes it very difficult for auto body shops to access your car from the inside to do their job well.
  3. Familiarize yourself with your car’s owner’s manual. Your manual covers all the features and components of your car, as well as a suggested maintenance schedule. This will help you make service appointments that will help keep your car running smoothly.
  4. Ask questions of your auto body shop. You should always feel comfortable and able to ask questions to the technicians at your auto body shop. A good shop will answer your questions and walk you through any maintenance or repairs so that you understand the work that has been completed. If you feel as though you can’t have a conversation or that your questions are ignored, it may be time to find a new shop.

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