Here’s Why You Should Rely on Professionals for Car Paint Touch-ups

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If your car has suffered cosmetic damage that impacts its paint job, car paint touch-ups are the best way to correct the imperfections and prevent them from spreading to a greater area. As the integrity of the paint around the affected area continues to deteriorate, it can cause once minor scratches or imperfections to increase in size and severity, so a prompt touch-up is essential.

Here’s Why You Should Rely on Professionals for Car Paint Touch-ups

There are plenty of products on the market that advertise the ability to fix scratches, but at Epperson Paint & Body, we always recommend leaving the car-paint touch-ups to professionals, such as the ones on our team. The main reason to seek professional help for car paint touch-ups is that it ensures you don’t cause further damage in your attempts to fix the paint on your car.

Car paint is specially formulated to adhere to a car’s metal frame and is put on in several layers to protect the car’s body from rust and other environmental contaminants. Putting the wrong paint on your car or not applying the required layers in the correct order can actually cause more damage to your car.

Additionally, professional car paint touch-ups ensure that the new paint exactly matches the current paint. Although the manufacturer-listed color of your car may be “Candy Apple Red Satin Gloss,” the reality is that the listed color has likely faded and is no longer a perfect match for your car. An autobody paint shop has the resources to correctly color-match the new paint with the current shade of your car, ensuring that the color is consistent.

While a DIY job might be tempting, relying on a professional ensures that your car paint touch-ups blend in seamlessly and will prevent further damage to your car. If you’d like to learn more about car paint touch-ups, we encourage you to contact our team for additional information.