How Long Can You Go Before Scheduling Hail Damage Repair?

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Hailstorms are notorious for causing damages to people’s cars. However, you may not be quick to schedule hail damage repair if you think the damages are minor enough. No matter how small you think the hail damage to your car is, you shouldn’t wait to get a hail damage repair service for your vehicle.

How Long Can You Go Before Scheduling Hail Damage Repair?

Hail damage repair can help prevent smaller damages from getting worse. As with many other types of damages to your car, hail damage has the tendency to worsen the longer that it goes ignored. For that reason, the smallest damage can end up causing you a whole lot of trouble if you wait until it’s larger before you deal with it. More extensive, avoidable damages are typically more expensive to repair than smaller ones. Immediate hail damage repair is easier for your car and your wallet.

Many car insurance policies will cover at least part of the hail damage repair costs, but only within a certain time frame. If you wait too long before taking your car into an auto body repair shop after a hailstorm, you may not have the coverage that you thought you had. It’s a good idea to take a look at what your car insurance policy covers regarding hail damage repair and then make sure you take your car in to get fixed up as soon as you can.

We handle hail damage repair as one of our many services here at Epperson Paint & Body, so call us today if your car has recently been damaged by a hailstorm.