Why Professional Car Paint Matching Is Worth the Investment.

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Discovering a scratch on your car is upsetting, no matter how large or small it may be. From minor clear coat scratches that are only noticeable in the right lighting to deep scratches that cut to the body of your car, flaws in the paint job are more than just a cosmetic nuisance. If you don’t repair a scratch promptly, you run the risk of it getting even worse as air, water, and other environmental contaminants cause rusting on the body of your car.

Why Professional Car Paint Matching Is Worth the Investment.

Although plenty of products market themselves as DIY scratch repair kits, the best way to get your car looking like its former self is to take advantage of professional car paint matching services.

While the average person can easily find the paint color listed by the manufacturer, many people are surprised that the listed color doesn’t match their car. This is because, over time, the color will fade and change slightly due to exposure to the sun and other natural elements. Although the change is likely gradual, and you probably don’t even notice it, it becomes abundantly clear when you try to repair a scratch with the manufacturer-specific paint color.

When you take your vehicle to an autobody shop for car paint matching services, the technicians use a spectrometer to analyze the paint on your car. The spectrometer measures the light waves that bounce off your car, and the technicians use that data to determine the exact color of your car. From there, they can mix a new batch of paint specifically formulated for your car and use it to cover any scratches. Car paint matching is also used when you need a replacement part for the body of your car, like the bumper, to ensure no noticeable difference between the replacement and the rest of the vehicle.

Investing in professional car paint matching for your cosmetic repairs improves the look of your vehicle and helps ensure that the value is not decreased by mismatched paint and obvious cosmetic cover-ups. Rather than trying to DIY your next paint job, trust our Epperson Paint & Body team to make your car look great again.