Why You Should Not Procrastinate Dent Repair

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You can be the most careful driver and still end up with a dent in your vehicle. It can happen to the best of drivers, and you don’t even have to be present for it to happen. You may walk out to your vehicle after watching a movie or a day at work and find that someone dented your car. Dents can be easily forgotten or put at the end of your to-do list and somehow not get fixed for a long time. Doing this can damage your car more and lead to larger and more costly damages. Here at Epperson Paint & Body, we recommend getting your dent repair done sooner than later for the following reasons:

•  Less Expensive – Allowing dents to go unrepaired can lead to a more costly dent repair. This is because rust can develop and paint can begin to chip. These damages will spread even faster if you live in a place with severe weather or high salt content, like areas along a coast.

Why You Should Not Procrastinate Dent Repair

•  Rust Issues – When damage is done to the body of your car, there can also be cracks in the paint. These cracks allow water to seep in and, over time, rust may develop. This rust makes your once small dent an even larger and more costly dent repair.

•  Safety – What looks like a minor dent on the outside can have much larger damage underneath. This is typically true when a bumper gets dented. It may look like a small dent that doesn’t need immediate repair, when there are much worse issues behind the bumper that can lead to safety problems.